Monday, January 19, 2009

Lovin my clients :)

So in the recent weeks I've had the pleasure to work with a few wonderful ladies! I'm so happy they love their designs and want you all to see how fabulous there work is as well! Please check them all out! They are all very talented in what they do and I am honored to have worked with each and everyone one of them.

Here are the final designs for.........

Jennifer :)


Shannon Dodd

Inigo Photography

Photography by Whitney
with swirl

Candis Bishop
Sarah Offley1

Soul Focus Photography (Rebecca) website coming soon

Mamique Designs/Photography
redodesigns copy

Sarah Offley

Never Not Knitting
My first logo with my new wacom tablet :)

Thanks again everyone :) You've made it all worth it! You're wonderful!


  1. I LOVE your work...i told my husband, im in the wrong business, lol. Im a new photographer, and i actually just wrote on cafemom how to make a signature. I love looking at your ideas. Dont not that creative :)

  2. Oh, i mean I wrote on cafemom asking, how to make a signature, lol.